Rogue Legacy 2 Gets Xbox and PC Release Date For Later This Month

"28 April isn't too far away"

Rogue Legacy 2
Rogue Legacy 2 Gets Xbox and PC Release Date For Later This Month

Rogue Legacy 2 was announced back in 2019 and Cellar Door Games has revealed an official release date for the roguelike platformer. Xbox and PC players can jump into the game starting on 28 April. PlayStation owners will have to wait a bit. There’s no release date in sight yet for the platform.

Cellar Door Games has given Rogue Legacy 2 a visual overhaul compared to the original game. The first game featured a classic retro art style. However, Rogue Legacy 2 now has 3D assets placed across hand-drawn backgrounds.

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Along with the new art, the game also features new classes, weapons, abilities and new procedurally-generated game worlds. Rogue Legacy 2 is also a bit easier if you want it to be. The game now features some permanent new abilities and accessibility options for players who are struggling to complete the game.

While Rogue Legacy 2 was announced in 2019, Cellar Door Games has actually been working on the game for over four years now. The release takes place almost nine years after the original game was released. If anything, Rogue Legacy ushered in a new age of roguelike games and helped with the success of other indie titles like Hades.

If you don’t know, Rogue Legacy let players explore a castle of ever-changing rooms as they killed enemies and had ho downs with bosses. However, when a player died they were able to choose their heir and took control of them as they attempted the same thing.

If you want to experience Rogue Legacy for yourself then you can. The game is currently free on the Epic Games Store until 13 April. Make sure you grab it before then. It isn’t the longest game ever made so you should be able to finish it before the sequel releases later this month. Get it here. 

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