Rumours Claim GTA VI Will Be Announced This Week and We Doubt it Will Happen

"It probably won't happen but here's to wishful thinking."

Probably one of the craziest rumours to be circling around right now claims that Rockstar will reveal GTA VI this week. In the past 24 hours, two sources have claimed that this is the case. According to the reports, Rockstar games will announce Grand Theft Auto VI on 25 March 2020 and drop the first trailer for the game within a week of the announcement.

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Both reports stem from different sources on 4Chan and Reddit. I know, they are not the most trustworthy sources. However, both are suggesting the same thing. According to the posts, Rockstar will reveal the game first through its social media accounts by changing cover photos and profile pictures. The developer will then release the first trailer next week.

The game is apparently set in Vice City in the 1980s and features a way to play cops in the multiplayer mode. The rumour even goes into detail what the logo will look like in the trailer saying it will feature a “golden logo. smooth animation of drink particles coming out of the Roman numerals VI. End of the GTA VI trailer.”

There has never been a better time to get that salt shaker out. These rumours are most likely false. However, we wanted to share the news just so you can subconsciously stay alert around Rockstar’s social media pages this week in the high hopes of them announcing GTA VI.

Usually, when these rumours pop up, fans post their own fan fiction with game details they wish they could experience in sequels and pass them off as “leaks”. This source did not. He simply claimed to know the reveal date. If anything happens and Grand Theft Auto VI is indeed announced, we will share the news right away. However, don’t expect it to happen this week.

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