Saints Row Devs Not Backing Down After Reboot Backlash

"The videos are highly disliked"

Saints Row Reboot
Saints Row Devs Not Backing Down After Reboot Backlash

Last week during Gamescom, Deep Silver Volition announced a brand new entry in the Saints Row series and it was a happy time for the studio. Unfortunately, fans of the series have not taken this reboot announcement lightly. You see, if you have played the series in the past you would know it is quite over-the-top. Saints Row has been filled with sex toys, demons, crazy weapons and more. The reboot, on the other hand, has toned this all down.

Deep Silver Volition wanted the series to start fresh. Even if this meant taking features out and dialling down the crazy to do so. However, fans are not having this and the sheer amount of hate and backlash being spread online has forced the studio to speak out about the issue.


Saints Row Reboot Ditches The Crazy For Building Gangs and Highspeed Chases

The official Saints Row Twitter account has been responding to numerous critical tweets from “fans” regarding the reboot. This being especially related to the game’s toned-down approach. Users on Twitter have been calling the Saints Row reboot a “shameless GTA clone” due to its generic-looking gameplay and world.

In a tweet, the official Saints Row account says they won’t back down from the game. The account claims that the backlash is understandable given it is a Saints Row game and it is a “reboot like no other”.

This is not the only tweet from the developers. In fact, the studio has been responding to a handful of fans and the responses are quite rude. On tweet accused the game of looking like a Fortnite clone. The studio responded by saying “We don’t think you know what Fortnite looks like but you do you”.

Even though the game does look great (in my opinion don’t kill me), fans are not sold just yet. The YouTube videos aren’t doing so great when it comes to likes versus dislikes. The announcement trailer is sitting on 40k dislikes versus 20k likes. The most liked comment reads “This not a reboot. It’s a funeral we’re witnessing.” Saints Row is set to launch on 25 February 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC. Read our full preview of the game here.

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