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Saints Row Reboot Ditches The Crazy For Building Gangs and Highspeed Chases

The Saints Row series has been known for its over-the-top mad gameplay. The past few games started off calm and humble and slowly turned into a chaotic fight between heaven and hell, threw in some dildo weapons and other crazy mechanics. Fans of the series loved the direction of the gameplay even if the series kind of lost its way along its adventure. Fast forward to 2022 and a brand new Saints Row reboot is coming your way. Deep Silver Volition has taken the series back to its roots, stripped away the g-strings and sex toys and is ready to reintroduce the series to the world in a brand new light.

Simply dubbed “Saints Row” is the new open-world shooter by the original team of the past games. Saints Row takes place in Santa Ileso, a fictional city set in the American Southwest. Of course, it would not be a video game without the baddies and Saints Row’s world is littered with crime, lawless factions who fight for power and all the opportunities to take that power away from them and use it yourself. This is where the player comes in. Saints Row is layered in new gameplay features that enable the player to become the warlord and “self made”.

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Players experience the game through a group of upcoming criminals. At the start of Saints Row, players can create their own avatar that acts as the group’s boss. Slowly but surely the idea of the game is to take over the city while taking down the Los Panteros, The Idols and the Marshalls who all control certain districts. Think of a Kickstarter but with guns and death. Your company, The Saints, needs to make a name for itself and throughout Saints Row, this is your goal.

Saints Row Reboot

According to Deep Silver Volition, Saints Row is based in the biggest sandbox world in the series to date. Santo Ileso is massive and bustling with different biomes and districts that bring the world to life. However, the gameplay details in Saints Row make this world sound fantastic. Players can now make their own crew and start a full-on side hustle that slowly turns into a flourishing business. As the game progresses, these criminal ventures change the look and feel of your crew and how they approach missions.

Saints Row Reboot

All of this is aside from the exploration, side missions, and for the first time in the series, players can now shoot and drive which ups the action in every mission. This is also complemented by the new loot in Saints Row that brings crazy guns to the table once again. Rocket launchers, revolvers, melee heavyweight weapons and even a range of exotic guns that will include unique perks. All of this is also customizable.

Saints Row Reboot

When it comes to vehicles, Saints Row lets players get around the world in a wingsuit but can also drive and power a range of other transportation. This includes go-karts, helicopters, hoverbikes, planes, cars and more. All of this is also customizable so you can add your own unique flair to your weapons and vehicles which suit your new gang.

Saints Row is fully playable in co-op too. Players can on a friend and complete missions while also bringing some of their gang into the game with them. While playing in co-op, players can also play pranks on their teammates and mess with their missions and gameplay.

Saints Row Reboot

So as I mentioned at the start, Saints Row is definitely taking a calmer road with this reboot. However, that does not mean the game sounds any less exciting. We will have to see how it turns out when it releases on 25 February 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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