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Saints Row Shows Off Incredible Customization in New Showcase

The Saints Row series is known for its over-the-top personality and while the new game has dumbed down the shenanigans a bit, the latest customization trailer proves it still has what it takes to be the most “out there” game around.

In a new showcase, the developers behind Saints Row touched on some of the best new features gamers can take advantage of when customizing everything around them. This covers not only changing how shiny your nipples are but also how bright your teeth glow, what package you have in your pants, how your car shimmers in the light and so much more.

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Given how the new Saints Row game focuses on building an empire, the customization system in the game touches on every aspect of that feature. So creating your character is the most detailed it has been in the series to date. In addition, players can enjoy modding out their vehicles with exotic car pieces that change the car’s body and performance. You can change the sound of your engine, the pain, the window tinting and so much more.

Vehicles also benefit from unique upgrade abilities. These range from attaching a wrecking ball to the back of your car, nitrous boosts, ejection seats and even crab driving. Players can even attach a grapple to their vehicle which they can use to grip onto other cars and objects and swing them around.

When it comes to weapons, these too can be highly customized. It also helps that Saints Row packs some insane weapon types. Players can place stickers, change the colour and texture of every single piece of the weapon and even tweak the entire form of the weapon itself. This means you can turn your rocket launcher into a guitar case and your melee weapon into a giant dinosaur bone or even a cane.

When it comes to your empire, Saints Row relies on players forming their own crew and taking over various locations in the game. This also means all of this can be customized while you’re at it. Players can decide on the uniform your crew wears and even the statues that are placed around your HQ.

You can watch the full Saints Row showcase event below. Saints Row is scheduled to release on 23 August 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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