The Samsung Galaxy Fold is Reportedly Fixed

Galaxy Fold Launch
The Samsung Galaxy Fold is Reportedly Fixed

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been fixed according to Bloomberg that reports the device has been completely redesigned to address the durability issues that plagued its launch back in April.

According to the report, Samsung will begin commercial production of the device soon but a release date has not been confirmed. Samsung will also not be showing the device off at the Galaxy Note 10 event next month.

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Samsung is said to have made the screen’s protective film “flow into the bezels so it would be impossible to peel off by hand”. This is a change compared to the review units where the film’s edge was clearly seen and could be easily lifted. This resulted in the device’s failure.

The hinge on the phone has also been re-engineered pushing it slightly upward from the screen making it flush with the display. According to the report, the film is now almost impossible to see with the naked eye and is now harder and a more natural part of the display. This will also help reduce the crease that developed over time in the past model.

Samsung will ramp up production of this R45,000 device later this year according to reports but no release date has been reported on as of yet. The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be a tough sell regardless of the company “fixing” the design issues due to its price tag and fear of breakage.

If you plan on buying one, maybe don’t and check out our guide on things you can do with your money instead of purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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