Stainless steel is an all-around better material when compared to aluminium. It is stronger, looks better and while more expensive, it can be buffed to get rid of scratches and small abrasions. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10, which costs R20,000 is not made from the material even though the company claimed it was in a promotional video.

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Samsung uploaded a video to its YouTube channel mentioning the new flagship device was made from stainless steel which is not the case.

The narrator in the video claimed the phone made use of stainless steel and glass which melded together to minimize the bezel.

The strange statement made everyone question why the company did not mention this during the announcement of the phone. Upgrading a material like that is a big deal and should be a selling point for a phone so expensive.

It turns out, the statement was false. Samsung removed the video and confirmed to The Verge the Galaxy Note 10 has an aluminium frame.

The false statement was also made over on the official Galaxy Note 10 site where Samsung described the phone to feature “high-polished steel”. It has since been changed to “high-polished metal”.

So to clarify, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 does not have any stainless steel in it at all rather, a cheaper aluminium. Still, it asks the question of why and how would this be brought up in multiple places? Perhaps the company planned on using the material in the Note 10 or it could be that someone did not know what they were talking about.

Check out the “correct” product video of the devices down below. Be sure to take a look at the South African pricing and release date for the phone here.

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