Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 8K Camera Requires 600MB of Storage Per Minute, is Limited in Features
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 8K
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If you are planning on picking up the fancy new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra then you will need to budget for a lot of storage. The device boasts an 8K-capable camera system and while it is great, it is also quite demanding. According to Samsung, the “Galaxy S20 Ultra” will take around 600MB per minute while recording 8K and up to 3GB of space for a five-minute video.

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Samsung has also stated that users will not be able to record longer than 5-minutes of 8K video content at a time. The phone only includes a 25fps mode for shooting and no 30fps or 60fps modes. Samsung also revealed there’s no video stabilization at 8K.

600MB per minute is really nothing when you compare this to a professional camera that shoots 8K. According to our camera guys, an 8K camera can go up to 47.5gigs for 1 minute of film and can be compressed down to at least 17.5gigs during editing. It is a night and day difference between the two.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra does support MicroSD cards up to 1TB so users can always upgrade if they need to. The phones also come in different models starting with a 128GB and go up to 512GB totalling 1.5TB of storage maxed out.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 8K camera system seems great on paper but how well does it shoot? We will have to test it out when we get our hands on the devices soon. Also, where in the world will we play this 8K footage we record? Not even the display has 4K support so it leaves much to be desired.

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