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Samsung LS27R750 27-inch QHD LED Space Monitor

The Samsung LS27R750 27-inch QHD LED Space Monitor is very different from the other screens I have reviewed over the past few weeks. It is focused more on style and versatility than anything else and even though I loved that giant 49-inch super-ultra wide monitor, I had a soft spot for this Space Monitor as it was something that not only looked great, but its minimalist design meant I could position it in any angle I wanted to and bring it closer to me when I needed to work on finer-detail content.

Samsung LS27R750 Space Monitor Tech Specs

  • 27-inch WQHD Design – 2560×1440
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 3000:1 Aspect Ratio
  • 3-sides bezel-less screen
  • Clam-design stand
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Picture in Picture
  • HMDI x1
  • Mini DisplayPort x 1 (1.2)


The Samsung LS27R750 Space Monitor has a fantastic design considering it is just so simple. It takes up very little space on the desk thanks to its tall clam stand that mounts at the back of your desk and hangs the screen in the air. You cannot rotate it and there is no VESA mount, but the stand lets you move and position this screen in any horizontal aspect you need.

The clamp at the back easily loosens and tightens to your desk and takes up very little space. Of course, this means your desk will not be able to sit flush up against the wall at all as the clamp takes up a bit of space.

The stand is then merged with an ergonomic arm that can move and swivel up and down. This combined with the mount at the back of the monitor which can also be rotated up and down, gives the stand some great movement. This means it can be positioned in any portrait orientation.

The stand can easily be pulled right forward and the screen placed directly on your desk flush with the surface. The stand also has grooves cut out of it where you can run cables down after plugging them into the back of the monitor. For tidiness of course.

When it comes to the monitor itself, it has a narrow bezel design across the top, left and right of the screen coming in at 0.8cm. The thickness of the actual monitor is 11.4cm which is not bad at all.

Overall, the build quality and design of the Space Monitor is great. It is all plastic but it feels sturdy once clamped onto the desk correctly and has next to no wobble when moving it around and up and down.


I did not expect the same great quality I saw in the 49-inch ultra-wide monitor and there were reasons why. The Samsung LS27R750 does not support HDR and from the moment I turned it on, I noticed some serious ghosting issues with text and the viewing angles were not up to standard. For a monitor with a focus on movement and angles, the fact that the screen performs so poorly when looking at it from an angle is questionable.

The display’s resolution and colour volume are fantastic and it all comes together on this 27-inch monitor. Its 1440p resolution gives you a more immersive gaming experience and the 144Hz refresh rate adds that little extra power to your gaming session.

Unfortunately, the monitor does not support a variable refresh rate, G-Sync or AMD FreeSync but it is not the end of the world given its basic performance that comes in the box. There is a 4K 32-inch option available on the market too that has the standard 60Hz refresh rate. In terms of brightness, the monitor easily outputs its standard 308 cd/m2 peak brightness which is great across the board.

Like I mentioned before, the LS27R750 does not support HDR and has no built-in speakers. It also packs the same knob control found in a lot of Samsung monitors today and from that, you can access all the monitor’s OSD features. The same eye care mode is there that reduces blue light and flicker too. The feature gives the monitor a yellow natural look which helps a lot after hours of viewing.

So who is this monitor aimed for? Well, it is pretty versatile. For one, it has some great gaming features like the 144Hz refresh rate and 1440p resolution but then again, you are paying R8,499 for a 27-inch monitor with less of a focus on gaming and more of a focus on designers. Sure, you could get away with gaming on this but you have to be able to explain the extra cost of its minimalist stand and focus on design features like the SRGB range in order to make this deliver the best of both worlds for you.


The Samsung LS27R750 Space Monitor has one of the best stand designs in the business. Just to have a screen take up less space on my desk was a selling point for me. Is it a dedicated gaming monitor? Not really but it is for someone who does both gaming and design on a daily bases or for someone who just wants a cool-looking giant monitor at their desk.

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