Samsung Q8C 4K HDR QLED One Connect Box – The Perfect Gaming Companion


Yesterday we unboxed the awesome and gorgeous Samsung Q8C QLED 4K HDR TV. With its fantastic design and thin look, it is one of the best TVs I have ever played on and installation was a dream. We all know what it is like having a hundred cables dangling from the back of your TV as you need to plug everything into the display these days. You console, your TV box, your media box, your Chromecast. The list goes on.

Samsung envisioned a lounge where we would to some degree detach the TV from the wires and create an invisible setup that solves all our cable management problems. This is called the One Connect box and it comes bundled with every Samsung QLED TV on the market. This little box is more powerful than it looks. In this video and article, we will give you the low down on the box and just how it makes gaming so much better.

With four HDMI ports, three USB ports, optical out, LAN, and of course an aerial connection, the One Connect box is almost as if the port rack at the back of your TV was removed off the back and made into an individual box. No more cables going into the TV, no more fuss. Everything is plugged into the box and one cable, one very thin cable runs up through the TV stand and into the TV. 

So what is the big deal about the One Connect box you ask? Well, in this article and video above we will be covering what it does, what it does not do, and how you can set up the device to make your gaming accessibility faster than ever.


It goes without saying that the Samsung QLED is a smart TV and without this box, it is not-so-smart. This box is the brain of the display and without it, nothing can be plugged into the TV. It controls the internet for all your streaming purposes and sends all the signal through to the TV. From HDR 4K signal including wide colour gamut. To even HD. The box has got no limitations to what it does and what it can do.


Setting up the box is simple and plugging your console into it is even easier. One cable goes into the box and the other into the console of choice. When you plug in a new HDMI, the TV will let you set it up and it will even pick up what the device is and place a cool icon on the dashboard.


Check the Xbox One logo. Pretty cool to have this on your TV right? Using the remote and once the console is plugged into the box correctly is it as simple as pulling up the home menu, navigating to the box that represents the console you are using and pressing the OK button. If your console is off, it will even turn on and boot right into the menu.

The Samsung QLED also comes with a pretty awesome remote that has voice recognition. A simple hold of the voice button and by just saying “Go to PlayStation” will launch the PS4 too. Now I know how lazy we get at times so these quality-of-life features make a huge difference after a long day at work when all you want to do is sit and play games and not get off the couch.


It is crazy how this box and that thin fibre cable can send such great picture to the TV with all the support for 4K HDR content. In terms of gaming, the QLED also boasts a 24ms input lag which is the lowest on the market. This includes gaming with HDR too.

To summarize, the One Connect box makes everything easier and we put it to the test by plugging in all the consoles we owned. PlayStation had a custom logo and worked flawlessly, Xbox One is the best so far as you cannot beat that green icon on the menu. All the consoles worked like a dream and the One Connect box managed to deliver a practical and clean setup that will surely help you get rid of all those nasty wires thanks to all your consoles plugged into one TV at once.

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