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Samsung’s 1000-Inch The Wall Display Boasts 16K Resolution and is Available Today

Samsung has come a long way since they showcased its massive MicroLED display back in 2019 at CES. The Wall was announced as a prototype display but has since adopted a full consumer-friendly model that is now available in various formats. Samsung is releasing The Wall display today and if you thought your TV was mediocre, just wait until you see more about this display.

Of course, Samsung’s main focus for The Wall is not making it a home-friendly display… yet. As of now, the technology is being used for marketing purposes and soon you might spot it slapped at the airport the next time you fly somewhere. Samsung has also adopted a custom-made design for the display that lets businesses order any shop-fitted standard format. With the specs and performance in this display, Samsung aims to take over the mainstream market with this panel.


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So what makes Samsung The Wall so incredible? The 2021 model now boasts a crazy 1000-inch size that is aimed at businesses and commercial platforms. Samsung says the new MicroLED tech inside this 2021 model is now 40% smaller than they were originally back in 2019. This means the display packs improved contrast, better colour and some of the brightest nits we have ever seen in a display to date.

Samsung The Wall Display

Samsung says The Wall can hit a peak brightness of 1,600 nits. To put that into perspective, LG’s OLED TVs can only reach around 800 nits. While OLED has been the king of the market, the tech does suffer from overheating issues as well as burn-in problems. These two factors force LG to keep the brightness down in order to prevent screen damage.

The Wall 1000-inch has an 8K resolution with support for 120Hz. It is mostly wireless and makes use of Samsung’s fibre optic cable to transmit all the data from a One Connect box. The modular display allows Samsung to position the panels in a range of formations to fit all sorts of layouts. It can be hung vertically or even shaped as an “L”. There is also an ultrawide model that boasts a resolution of 15,3600 x 2160.

So this 1000-inch The Wall display might cost a few million rands to purchase but Samsung is slowly adopting its MicroLED technology into consumer-friendly TVs. Earlier this year, the company announced its 110-inch MicroLED TV but also expanded the range to include model sizes such as 76-inch and 99-inch. Hopefully, Samsung is able to develop the technology to fit into even smaller sizes like 55 and 65-inch. The sooner this happens the better. The MicroLED technology is cheaper to make and far less worrisome when it comes to its burn-in and brightness.

You can find out more about Samsung The Wall display over on the official site here. While you’re at it, check out our review of  The Frame TV here and watch it down below.

Source: Samsung News Room 

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