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Scalebound Revival Reportedly Underway at Xbox

The story of Scalebound‘s unceremonious cancellation is still one of gaming’s saddest stories. Developer PlatinumGames teamed up with Xbox to create a new action-adventure title that showed plenty of promise judging by its premise and gameplay, but unfortunately it never saw the light of day as Microsoft pulled the plug on the project years ago. After years of speculation and PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya even spurring Xbox on, a revival of Scalebound could potentially be in the works.

The report comes from XboxEra Podcast host Nick Baker who claims that, according to his sources, PlatinumGames is working with Xbox again to revive Scalebound. It seems like Xbox boss Phil Spencer might’ve heard Kamiya’s request and answered. “Now, look – it’s very, very early, but I’ve been told that Platinum(Games) is working with Xbox again to look at bringing back Scalebound,” said Baker in a recent podcast episode.

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Before we celebrate, it’s worth mentioning that Xbox came forward back in September 2022 to shut down any Scalebound revival rumours, stating that there’s “nothing to say” regarding it. While things could’ve easily changed over the last few months, it would still mean that the project is very early in development assuming that it’s a complete overhaul. PlatinumGames could also just pick up the game’s development where it left off, but we don’t know the exact details yet.

It’s entirely within the realm of possibility that Xbox would want to revive Scalebound. Since its cancellation, fans have been urging the company to bring the game back. It’s something that will not only please fans, but also bolster Xbox’s exclusive library right now – enough to compete with PlayStation’s own strong exclusive line-up as well. Spencer also seems to consider feedback with regards to how Xbox can improve its offerings and ecosystem.

That said, take all of this with a grain of salt. Baker’s leaks have been mostly accurate in the past but a few haven’t come to fruition yet. We’ll have to wait for an official confirmation from either Xbox or PlatinumGames on this report.

Source: XboxEra Podcast

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