Scarlet Nexus Confirmed for Xbox Game Pass

"Hitting consoles, PC and Cloud"

Scarlet Nexus Gameplay Demo
Scarlet Nexus Confirmed for Xbox Game Pass

Bandai Namco’s action RPG Scarlet Nexus, which was released earlier this year for consoles and PC, has been confirmed for Xbox Game Pass. Xbox made the announcement at their recent Tokyo Game Show 2021 presentation, stating that the title will arrive globally on their subscription service as soon as today.

Xbox’s recent Tokyo Game Show 2021 brought a few surprises but delivered bigger news for JRPG fans and those who are itching to play Scarlet Nexus. As detailed on their recent website post, Scarlet Nexus will be available on Xbox Game Pass today (though at the time of writing, has yet to appear on the front page). Additionally, it will hit consoles, PC and Cloud as well.

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“We announced that fans will be able to play SCARLET NEXUS today with Xbox Game Pass from the award-winning team at Bandai Namco Entertainment in Japan. The title is playable on console, PC, tablet and Cloud Gaming, where available, with touch controls.”

Scarlet Nexus was first released in June 2021 to mostly good reviews from fans and critics, with many praising its complex yet stylish combat system, eye-catching animation inspired by anime, and its sci-fi story about a post-apocalyptic world overrun by monsters, and those who have risen up to liberate the world from the inter-dimensional beings. You can read our full review of the game here.

It’s particularly surprising that Scarlet Nexus is coming to Xbox Game Pass, considering that it just launched a few months ago. Bandai Namco’s RPG will also be joined by Marvel’s Avengers today, which was announced by Crystal Dynamics to also hit Game Pass. Xbox also spoke a bit more about another big release this year coming to Xbox Game Pass, Back 4 Blood, which is slated to release in October. In case you want to find out about all the major video game releases coming this busy October, make sure you read all about it here.

Source: Xbox website

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