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Scorn Gets Earlier Release Date on Xbox Series X/S and PC

Microsoft has announced that the much-anticipated horror game, Scorn will release a week earlier than expected. The game will now arrive on Xbox Series X/S and PC on 14 October after being delayed multiple times in the past.

Scorn was originally announced back in 2020 as one of Microsoft’s leading Xbox Game Pass titles. However, the game fell into troubled development at the studio Ebb Software. In November last year, Ebb Software announced a major delay for Scorn which pushed the game all the way to October this year. The year delay was also delivered with a hostile response from the developer saying that gamers can get refunds if they don’t want to wait for the release. The studio was also rude about the lack of game news updates regarding the Kickstarter project.

And for the end, a bit of friendly advice: If lack of communication is so bothersome just ask for a refund and be done with it. It’s just a game. You can play it when it’s out if you are still interested.

That is all water under the bridge now as we will finally get to play Scorn next month. Scorn is set in a nightmarish universe of odd forms and sombre tapestries. The ‘map’ of Scorn is a mesmerizing bio-labyrinth. Each region or area is a maze-like structure of various rooms and paths for you to navigate.

As you struggle through the living world of Scorn you will have to discover how to interact with the world around you by learning how various triggers and traps are connected, and how every action may cause positive or negative reactions.

Puzzles within the game form an integral part of the story and are designed not to feel like they were added as an afterthought, so we spent a lot of time ensuring that they fit perfectly into the game’s environment and enrich your experience.

Check out the latest trailer for Scorn and get ready to experience the game on 14 October. The game is also releasing on Xbox Game Pass at launch.

Source: Xbox Newswire

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