Scream 7 Happy Death Day Director Christopher Landon

Scream 7 Moves Forward With Happy Death Day Director

After the critical and commercial success of Scream VI, Scream 7 is moving forward with a new director. Radio Silence’s Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett previously directed Scream (2022) and Scream VI, though they will now be replaced by Happy Death Day director Christopher Landon for the seventh installment in the Scream horror movie franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Landon will direct Scream 7, though it’s unclear if the movie will actually be called Scream 7 or go with a different title. Landon is best known for directing the Happy Death Day movies, which are similar to Scream in that they tend to poke fun at horror movie cliches and tropes. He also directed the 2020 movie Freaky, a horror spin on Freaky Friday, which starred Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton.

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Despite being almost seven entries deep into the franchise, the Scream movies have all received mostly positive reviews (with the exception of Scream 3) and are widely considered good to great slasher movies by the horror community. Scream VI, which was the first movie in the series set in New York instead of the usual Woodsboro location, received a positive 76% approval rating on the review aggregate website, Rotten Tomatoes.

Radio Silence will remain executive producers on Scream 7 alongside Chad Villella, though the new writing team has yet to be announced. The duo will not return to direct Scream 7 due to scheduling conflicts.

Scream was created by writer Kevin Williamson. The first four movies were directed by the late Wes Craven and told the meta-story of college students being hunted by Ghostface, an elusive serial killer who uses their knowledge of horror movies to torment victims. Each movie in the franchise has featured new killers as Ghostface with different motives, though the iconic costume has always remained the same.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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