Seagate 512GB Xbox Series X/S Storage Cards Leak

"A smaller budget-friendly option"

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Seagate 512GB Xbox Series X/S Storage Cards Leak

Xbox Series X/S owners who have wanted to upgrade their storage have unfortunately been locked into purchasing a 1TB Seagate storage expansion card up to this point. However, that is about to change. According to leaked photos, Seagate plans on releasing a new, more affordable 512GB storage expansion card for the console.

The news arrives from Windows Central who received photos of the promotional boxes being used for the new storage card. While the pricing hasn’t been confirmed yet, users can most likely expect the 512GB storage cards to be a lot cheaper than the 1TB cards. If anything, half the price (being half the storage and all).

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The Seagate 512GB storage cards might be more of an attractive sell to users looking to expand their Xbox Series X/S storage capacity. The 1TB version retails for $229 (R4,000 – R5,000). A 512GB version could be the sweet spot for certain gamers who don’t have the budget to splurge on 1TB. You could also opt to purchase multiple 512GB versions over the years and use them as a sort of “cartridge” system storing certain games on different 512GB cards.

Xbox Series X 512GB Seagate Expansion Card

At the moment Microsoft and Seagate have not confirmed the existence of the 512GB storage expansion cards. However, reports claim that users can expect to see them in stores soon. Microsoft is expected to roll out a marketing campaign for the device in time for the holiday season. We will update you with local pricing and availability when these cards are confirmed.

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Source: Windows Central 

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