SEGA Pauses Blockchain Projects – Calls Pay-to-Earn Games ‘Boring’

SEGA was one of the first major gaming publishers to support the advent of blockchain gaming when it first rose to popularity a couple of years ago. Despite the backlash from the gaming community, SEGA stood its ground on the emerging tech and promised to keep an eye out on its development in order to decide if it should move forward or not. However, a company executive has now called pay-to-earn blockchain games “boring” if there’s no fun factor attached to it. It’s also pausing all of its blockchain projects.

Speaking to Bloomberg in a recent interview, SEGA co-chief operating officer Shuji Utsumi had a few scathing words to say about blockchain games. “The action in play-to-earn games is boring. What’s the point if games are no fun?” said Utsumi  SEGA will still let external and third-party partners use some of its lesser known IPs such as Three Kingdoms and Virtua Fighter as NFTs, though the company is now withholding its biggest IP, Sonic the Hedgehog, from being used externally in order to avoid devaluing its own content.

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SEGA is pausing its own blockchain gaming projects for the time being and re-evaluating the implementation of Web3 technology for its upcoming slate of releases. Utsumi added that the company is still open to using blockchain technology if it ever takes off, stating:

“For the majority of people in the video game industry, what blockchain advocates say may sound a bit extreme, but that’s how the first penguin has always been,” Utsumi explained. “We should never underestimate them.”

Considering the continued downward spiral of the crypto market and a general lack of interest in blockchain tech from the gaming community, it’s probably wise that SEGA step back from making any further controversial decisions that could potentially harm its brand. Then again, that hasn’t stopped Square Enix or Ubisoft from tackling the market. While the latter has quieted down since the failure of its Ghost Recon Breakpoint NFTs, Square Enix is still moving ahead with its plans, previously announcing the highly controversial Final Fantasy NFTs back in March.

Source: Bloomberg

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