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SEGA Says it Could Adapt Other IPs For The Big Screen Following Sonic Success

SEGA says it could adapt other popular IPs for the big screen following the success of Sonic The Hedgehog. Keep in mind that Sonic The Hedgehog’s popularity at the box office could have been the complete opposite if it wasn’t for the character’s redesign that took place back in 2020. But SEGA hit gold with the first film which was released in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was then released last year and did even better grossing $405 million compared to the original’s $320 million. The third instalment is currently in pre-production and will release in December 2024. However, before that, SEGA is working on a live-action Knuckles TV series which is a tie-in to the third film.

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According to SEGA’s CEO Haruki Satomi and CFO Koichi Fukazawa, the company would like to take up the challenge of porting its IPs to the big screen. Satomi brought up the topic during the company’s full-year earnings in April saying that if the opportunity would arise, SEGA would definitely turn another IP into a box-office release.

“If we can match the timing of game launches to the release of movies, it would be extremely effective from a marketing perspective and there are also significant benefits, such as increasing awareness of our IP and increasing the number of touch points for customers, as we achieved with the Sonic movie.”

SEGA would likely investigate the possible release of a movie alongside a large-scale video game launch. However, it begs the question “What would this IP be?”. While SEGA has popular game franchises, they have mostly all been dormant for the longest time.

Apart from the Sonic series, many of SEGA’s IPs haven’t been very popular. Titles such as Wonder Boy, Virtua Fighter, Phantasy Star, Devil Summoner, Fist of the North Star and others, don’t get the same traction.

SEGA is likely jumping on the box office train now after the success of not only the Sonic movies but also The Super Mario Bros. Movie which grossed over $1 billion in sales before releasing digitally this week.

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