Sekiro released back in March 2019. The single-player From Software game was a hit and will forever be remembered for its intense combat and fantastic story. However, if you have been away from the game since launch, there’s reason to go back soon. On 29 October, Sekiro is getting free content to mark the launch of the Stadia release. FromSoftware plans to roll out a free update that will add new gameplay features including a boss challenge mode.

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According to the studio, players can visit any one of the game’s Sculptor Idols (the save spots). From there, players can take on any boss you previously defeated. Here players can brush up on their skills. In addition, you can take on multiple bosses consecutively by checking out the Gauntlet of Strength mode. This mode is an intense test of skill. If players die, you are dead and cannot use the Wolf ability to revive during combat as you could in the main game.

Fashion Souls fans are happy to know that new outfits are coming to the Sekiro too. Two of them are earned through the Gauntlet of Strength mode. The other unlocks after completing the game. Keep in mind that all outfits are simply cosmetic and won’t unlock any abilities. They are a true test of the will according to FromSoftware.

Lastly, FromSoftware is adding a Remnants mode to Sekiro. This acts in the same way your dead ghost can be seen in games like Dark Souls when you die. Players can record a message of up to 30 seconds of gameplay for players to watch when they enable the online mode in Sekiro. Players can then watch your recorded 30-second ghost perform parkour of fight an enemy. If your Remnant is rated then your health will be refilled for free.

This content is not new story content and simply adds to the game’s bosses already in the game. However, it is nice to see the support going strong for a single-player game such as this. The Sekiro boss update releases on 29 October 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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