FromSoftware is set to release a load of free content this week for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This update is completely free for all owners of the game and will turn the game into the “Game of the Year Edition”. The studio posted a trailer for the GOTY Edition content showcasing what players can look forward to. This includes a new boss challenge mode and new skins. However, the biggest new addition is the player recordings feature that lets players see how well they are playing compared to others.


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The Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Game of the Year update rolls out for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 28 October 2020. Players can expect the patch to drop at around 19:00 SAT / 1PM ET. In addition, the roll-out of the patch marks the release of Sekiro on Google Stadia for the handful of people who are interested.

While the new Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Game of the Year content does not add new bosses, enemies or story content to the game, it may give players a reason to return. The boss challenge mode is especially tough and pits players against a series of bosses one after another.

Check out the Sekiro trailer for the update down below. Be sure to read our review of the game here. We absolutely loved it.

Experience the award winning adventure from developer FROM Software and get Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Game of the Year Edition. All players will receive a free update that includes new boss challenge modes, player recordings, and unlockable skins. Available globally on October 28th at 10AM PT / 5PM GMT / October 29th at 2AM JST. Free update requires download.


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