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Sekiro Speedrun Completed in Under One Hour

Sometimes you browse the internet early in the morning and suddenly, you have an inferiority complex after seeing a gamer perform something absolutely insane. That’s exactly what happened when I saw that someone beat From Software’s insanely difficult new title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, in under one hour. To be exact, the fastest Sekiro speedrun so far clocks in at 50 minutes and 52 seconds. Clearly, not all heroes wear capes.

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Depending on skill level, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice can take gamers between 30 and 70 hours to complete. It is an exceptionally difficult game and it only released six days ago (at the time of writing), making this Sekiro speedrun even more impressive. As reported by PC Gamer, someone going by the name of Danflesh111 on Twitch has managed to complete an Any% run of the game in under an hour.

You can check out the Sekiro speedrun video embedded at the bottom of this article but please do remember that there is obviously some big spoilers ahead. It also features the fastest ending possible (which you could get roughly half-way through the game) as getting to one of the other three endings would have possibly taken much longer.

This Sekiro speedrun record might very well not last too long, as we all know how serious speedrunners are and how they push themselves to do even better, shaving off seconds of the time with more and more attempts. It will be interesting to see how long speedrunners take with other endings for the game.

Tell us what you think about this amazing Sekiro speedrun achievement and how many hours you’ve put into the game so far in the comment section below.

Watch WR Any% Shura 50:52 RTA No Load from danflesh111 on

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