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Several Skyrim Mods are Reportedly Broken After New Update

Skyrim players, especially those using mods on consoles, might’ve noticed that Bethesda quietly took down the mods section of the game for a few days for maintenance. Yesterday, a hefty 12 GB update suddenly appeared that completely overhauled the in-game store, allowing users to now pay for some player-created mods while merging the Creation Club page with community-driven mods. However, reports suggest that the new update might’ve broken several existing mods in the process.

According to users in the ResetEra thread, the update hit the popular ‘SKSE64’ mod for Skyrim, which is an important script extension tool that enables numerous other mods. Essentially, breaking the script extension tool might’ve caused a number of mods that rely on it to stop functioning correctly. It’s hard to say which mods were impacted by the update so players are being urged to check their mod lists and determine the broken ones.

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That said, a community manager at NexusMods revealed that Bethesda is apparently working with the team behind the SKSE64 mod to fix the issue so players will just have to hang tight and see if the problem is resolved. Since modding is still a big part of why Skyrim continues to be hugely popular today, Bethesda surely knows that rectifying these issues is a priority.

The new ‘Creations’ page is described by Bethesda as an evolution of Creation Club, merging both Bethesda-developed and community-driven mods into one unified storefront. This means that players will now be able to easily access both Creation Club content and custom mods in one place as opposed to going to separate menus.

In related news, leaked Microsoft documents revealed that The Elder Scrolls 6 will not be coming to PS5 and is currently targeting a release window of 2026 or later. A previous report claimed that the levelling system in Skyrim will once again be used in the sixth mainline Elder Scrolls game.

Source: GamesRadar

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