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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Disguise System Looks Impressive

The upcoming Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is doing things a little differently this time around. While past games had a heavy focus on detective work spread across a chapter-based progression system, Chapter One is taking the open-world approach. In the latest deep dive trailer, Frogwares shared details on the upcoming action-adventure detective game and what exactly players will do while exploring the paradise island of Cordona. This trailer focuses specifically on the game’s unique disguise system.

It is important to note that in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, you play as a young Sherlock. This 21-year-old version is still trying to prove his detective craft to the world. So while the game acts as a prequel, it is also a sort of journey of self-discovery for Sherlock Holmes as he tries to get to solve the murder of his own mother.


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Frogwares says that the island of Cordona includes 5 distinct areas players can explore throughout the game. As the story progresses, they can go about their detective work as they please. However, the game does not hold your hand and instead, you need to pay attention to the story, characters and locations and by doing so you’ll know where to go next.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One features a new disguise system that allows players to change their appearance and also personality on the fly. Each outfit includes a unique look as Sherlock takes on different voices and various body languages to disguise himself. This helps him blend into the world and also get closer to getting answers out of the people around him.

Using a different outfit lets players sneak into different areas around Cordona. Be it a pirate trying to get into a ship or a lady trying to get into a banquet. The disguise system also relies on various factors that tie into the game’s credibility rating. Using different pieces of clothing will give Sherlock a better social standing across the various areas on the island. If you want to be upstanding in the rich district then you need to look the part.

The trailer also touches on how this system works when it comes to solving investigations. Sherlock needs to constantly know who he is dealing with and look the part while doing it. Every outfit also changes how each person in the city looks at you so you can never please everyone.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is looking great so far. The game is set to launch sometime this year on PS5, Xbox and PC. Watch it in action down below:

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