Tango Gameworks Platinum Games Capcom Shinji Mikami God Hand Remake

Shinji Mikami Working on a Remake With Capcom and Platinum Games – Report

Shinji Mikami, the acclaimed director of games like Resident Evil 4, Dino Crisis and The Evil Within, is reportedly working on an unannounced remake with Capcom and Platinum Games. The creator reportedly stopped short of giving any details about this mystery project, but it seems to be in collaboration with Capcom, Platinum Games and his own studio, Tango Gameworks. Another clue suggests that it might be a remake of God Hand.

Shinji Mikami’s Facebook page was recently updated with a post detailing an ‘Unknown’ remake being made with Tango Gameworks, Capcom and Platinum Games. Fans speculate that Mikami is teasing a potential Dino Crisis remake, but it’s likely that Capcom will want to focus on Exoprimal, it’s other dino-shooter, and see its reception first. That leaves a few suspects including Viewtiful Joe or Okami, but signs may point elsewhere.

Tango Gameworks Platinum Games Capcom Shinji Mikami God Hand Remake

A Reddit user claiming to share mutual friends with Mikami on Facebook stated that the creator shared a post on 1 November before swiftly deleting it, apparently stating that he was working on a “remake or sequel” to God Hand and tagged Tango Gameworks, Capcom and Platinum Games in it as well. He also used a hashtag “GameAwards”. If this comment is true, then we’ll likely see this announcement happen at The Game Awards on 8 December. Take this with a massive grain of salt though.

God Hand originally released for PS2 in 2006 and was developed by Clover Studio, a now defunct developer which merged some of its staff into studios that would eventually form Platinum Games. The game was known for its over-the-top action and has since amassed a cult following despite not doing as successfully as Mikami’s other projects.

Of course, our speculation could be wrong and maybe it isn’t God Hand that these studios are currently working on. If Mikami is teasing this unknown title now, it’s likely that we’ll officially see its unveiling at The Game Awards.

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