Showmax Pro Launches in South Africa – Live Sport and News at R449pm

Showmax Pro Launches in South Africa – Live Sport and News at R449pm

Showmax Pro is now available in South Africa. The new premium service plan from the popular local streaming platform now offers an expanded array of live services. This includes live sports and news channels 24 hours a day.

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The company has divided the new service up across its two “Mobile” and “All Devices” packages.

Showmax Pro starts at R225 per month for “Mobile” and includes all the content available on the service such as series and movies. In addition, users can also stream live sports and 24-hour news. However, the cheaper R225 plan is restricted to mobile devices, is only available in SD and enables 1 stream per account.

If you watch Showmax on your TV then expect to pay a little more to unlock TV and PC streaming at R449 per month for the “All Devices” package. This premium model enables 2 active streams per account and HD quality. It also includes all the current series and movies available on the service.

According to the sign-up page, Showmax Pro in South Africa includes the following sports offerings. The site is not clear which news channels are included with the service.

  • Football: English Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, Premier Soccer League and more
  • Athletics: Diamond League, World Challenge League and more
  • Running: Berlin, Boston, London, NYC, Soweto Marathons and more
  • Boxing: Selected IBF, WBA, WBO, WBC and African Boxing events
  • Other: Swimming, Extreme Sports, eSports, Basketball, Triathlon, Horse Racing, EFC, Netball, Hockey, and much more


Still confused. Here’s a breakdown of the two available packages.

Showmax Pro Mobile

Showmax Pro All Devices

Showmax Pro

The company is currently not offering a 14-day trial for the pro package meaning you will have to sign up and pay the full price in order to test it out.

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