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Silent Hill Producer Explains Why The First Game Wasn’t Remade

The producer behind the upcoming remake of Silent Hill 2 has explained why Konami chose to remake the sequel as opposed to the first game, which would’ve been the more logical choice to begin with. Series producer Motoi Okamoto stated that several team members originally wanted to tackle the first game, but the decision was made to go for the second game as it’s the most iconic entry in the franchise.

During an interview with IGN Japan, Okamoto revealed that the team debated about which Silent Hill game to remake before settling on Silent Hill 2. The critically acclaimed sequel is not only more recognisable to gamers and the mainstream, but it’s also the definitive “true psychological horror” experience.

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Okamoto’s full comment on the decision to remake Silent Hill 2 reads:

“When we thought about what Silent Hill’s identity is, we came to the conclusion that it’s the true psychological horror of the series. And when you ask people what true psychological horror is, just about everyone will tell you Silent Hill 2. We decided that if the brand’s identity is true psychological horror, we needed to start by remaking Silent Hill 2. There were of course some people inside the company who thought it would be better to start with 1, but I wanted to start this project with something that symbolizes this identity.”

It’s easy to see why Konami decided to start with Silent Hill 2 instead of the first game. While the original PS1 classic could’ve benefited more from a remake, the sequel is the prime example of a psychological horror game done right in every aspect. Silent Hill 1 also placed less emphasis on the psychological elements, especially with regards to exploring protagonist Harry Mason, and more on the atmosphere and scares of the town – but it still contained plenty of psychological terror. The second game dipped into James Sunderland’s troubled past and presented a much deeper dissection of the character.

Bloober Team is currently developing the Silent Hill 2 remake for PS5 and PC.

Source: IGN

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