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Silent Hill 2 Remake Gets Extensive 13-Minute Gameplay

Konami and developer Bloober Team released over 13 minutes of new Silent Hill 2 remake gameplay at the recent Silent Hill Transmission showcase, offering a deep dive into the exploration, combat and atmosphere of the iconic town. A release date of 8 October 2024 was also confirmed for PS5 and PC.

The latest gameplay deep dive for the Silent Hill 2 remake goes through some of the early sections of the game with protagonist James Sunderland exploring a decrepit hospital alongside Maria. He runs into some nurses and it’s here that we get a closer look at uncut combat gameplay. As Bloober Team explains, James isn’t a fighter but an ordinary man so his attacks aren’t as refined as a hardened military soldier like we’ve seen in the Resident Evil games. This makes combat situations feel more intense as a result.

We got some light exploration around Silent Hill with James hunting for clues to his deceased wife Mary after she asked him to come to the town. James’ character model has also been updated since the reveal trailer, showing more subdued facial expressions this time to fall more in line with the original design of the character. Likewise, Maria is also sporting a new look and design, moving away from the leopard-print skirt for a classier black dress and red leather jacket.

For the most part, the Silent Hill 2 remake seems like it’s doing the original game justice with more modernised and updated gameplay. For example, the camera has moved from a fixed position to a third-person over-the-shoulder view reminiscent of the Resident Evil remakes. The environments look especially terrific with the haunting atmosphere of Silent Hill intact.

Silent Hill 2 launches on 8 October 2024 for PS5 and PC. Make sure you also check out the digital pre-order guide to the standard and deluxe editions. Watch the extended gameplay below:

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