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Silent Hill 2 Remake is in The Late Stages of Development

Konami announced last week that Bloober Team, the studio behind Layers of Fear and The Medium, will officially be developing a remake of Silent Hill 2. A reveal trailer accompanied the news showing the improved visuals, soundtrack by series veteran Akira Yamaoka and the classic story. While it’s expected to launch sometime in 2023 for PS5 and PC, development on the game appears to be in the late stages.

Speaking during the GPW Innovation Day, Bloober Team president Piotr Babeno revealed that the remake of Silent Hill 2 had been in development for about three years, predating Konami’s publicly announced partnership with the studio. He mentioned that the game is basically complete and the team is currently polishing it, meaning it’s closer to release than we think.

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Silent Hill 2 originally launched on PS2 in 2001 and is widely regarded as one of the best video games of all time. It tells the story of James Sunderland, a mourning husband who visits the eerie town of Silent Hill after receiving a mysterious letter from his deceased wife. Believing she’s still somehow alive, James embarks on a search for her but quickly uncovers the town’s dark nature.

The remake of Silent Hill 2 will not just update the game’s visuals but also overhaul the gameplay, bringing it more in line with Capcom’s Resident Evil remakes. Bloober Team is being aided by creature designer and artist Masahiro Ito and composer Akira Yamaoka; both of which were integral members of Team Silent, the internal Konami studio that developed the first four Silent Hill games. Team Silent disbanded after the release of Silent Hill 4: The Room, but Yamaoka continued composing music for the series onwards.

In addition to the Silent Hill 2 remake, Konami also announced a brand new entry called Silent Hill F, currently in development at NeoBards Entertainment with a story by Ryukishi07, the famed Japanese visual novel writer responsible for Higurashi (When They Cry).

Silent Hill 2 is currently in development for PS5 and PC.

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