We have been covering the so-called “Silent Hill” game on the site for a while now. Last year, we reported on the possibility that Konami might have teamed up with Sony to develop a PS5 exclusive Silent Hill reboot under the codename “Project 0”. The report claims that the game has been in development for around two years and Sony’s Japan Studio is at the helm working alongside Masahiro Ito.


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It has been a while since the game has popped up in the news and now series composer Akira Yamaoka has once again teased the project. During a YouTube interview with video channel Al Hub about Yamaoka’s latest work on Bloober Team’s The Medium, the composer let the cat out of the bag. Before the end of the discussion, the interviewer asked Yamaoka when fans can expect to see his next project. The composer responded saying (directly translated):

“I think you’ll probably hear something this summer to be announced. And I think it’s the one that you’re kind of hoping to hear about”

The interview has since been removed from YouTube which could add some meat to this news. We remain hopeful that Konami is indeed working on a new Silent Hill game. Will it be a PS5 exclusive as the previous reports claimed? We will have to wait and see. If the report is correct, the game will be announced this year with its targeted “late 2021 – early 2022” release date.

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