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Silent Hill: Ascension Launches Late October According to Listing

Sillent Hill: Ascension, the upcoming interactive streaming video game/series from developer Genvid Technologies, is set to launch in late October according to a recent Google Play listing. The first trailer premiered earlier this year as a very unique Silent Hill experience that plays out like a regular series, only viewers will be able to make decisions that directly influence the outcome of events.

The Google Play listing reveals that Silent Hill: Ascension will launch on 31 October 2023, just in time for Halloween. A live world premiere will take place at 6PM PT or 3AM CAT (1 November) for South Africans. It’s unclear exactly how it’s going to work with potentially thousands of viewers submitting different decisions, though it will likely measure the most popular choices from viewers and play out the events accordingly.

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Genvid Techologies describes Silent Hill: Ascension as “a unique mix of streaming show and video game where the audience can influence the outcome of the characters, worlds and stories they love.”

A story description for Ascension was also provided:

“The series follows multiple main characters from locations around the world tormented by new and terrifying Silent Hill monsters. Lurking in the shadows, these monsters threaten to consume people, their children, and entire towns as they’re drawn into the darkness by both recent murders and long-suppressed guilt and fears. Join this immersive journey as your decisions shape the story, leading to gripping moments of redemption, suffering, or damnation.”

In other Silent Hill news, series creator Keiichiro Toyama’s new company, Bokeh Game Studio, might be collaborating with famed horror manga artist Junji Ito on its upcoming game, Slitterhead. The company teased the news last week but we’ve had no confirmation or updates since then.

Silent Hill: Ascension debuts on 31 October 2023. In case you missed it, check out the trailer below:

Source: Google Play

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