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Silent Hill F Announced, A New Game Set in 1960s Japan

Last night during Konami’s Silent Hill Transmission event, the company revealed Silent Hill F, a brand new game being developed by NeoBards Entertainment and acclaimed Japanese visual novel writer Ryukishi07 who wrote the Higurashi and Umineko series. The game will be set in 1960s Japan, sending the series far back into the past in a new location.

Silent Hill F concluded the Silent Hill Transmission event last night, though it largely remains a mystery. The visuals paint a picture of the story, which seems to revolve around a small Japanese town in the 1960s that gets taken over by a fungus of some kind. How this links into Silent Hill remains to be seen, but the spooky atmosphere, gorgeous art and air of intrigue are all staples of the psychological horror franchise.

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Silent Hill F is being developed by NeoBards Entertainment, a support studio that helped Capcom create Resident Evil Re:Verse. The producer for the series is Motoi Okamoto, an industry veteran who previously worked at Nintendo on games like Luigi’s Mansion and Pikmin. Safe to say, he’s quite familiar with horror games already.

Ryukishi07 is perhaps the biggest talent involved in Silent Hill F. He is best known for writing the Higurashi (When They Cry) visual novel series, which tells stories surrounding a small Japanese town and a group of school mates caught in a horrifying timeloop that may or may not be caused by supernatural and malevolent forces.

It’s unknown what the “F” in the title stands for yet, but we’ll surely know in the full game. Some fans have suggested that since it’s possibly the next mainline entry, the “F” may stand for “Five”, but we’ll have to wait for confirmation.

Silent Hill F currently has no release date and no confirmed platforms yet. Konami also revealed a number of other Silent Hill projects, including a remake of Silent Hill 2 being developed by Bloober Team. Check out the reveal trailer for Silent Hill F below.

Source: Silent Hill YouTube Channel

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