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Silent Hill Has 3 Unannounced Games in Development – Report

Last year, Konami announced several new Silent Hill games, resurrecting this once-dormant horror franchise and giving hope to fans who have been patiently waiting for news for years. While it’s great to finally have this iconic gaming franchise back, a new rumour suggests that Konami isn’t done just yet with the announcements. Specifically, the company might have three more unannounced Silent Hill games currently in development.

During the Silent Hill announcement showcase, Konami confirmed that it wasn’t done with reveals. A few weeks later, the company began hiring for an unannounced Silent Hill game being developed in-house. Now, known leaker Dusk Golem claims that there are actually three unannounced games in the franchise currently in development, but this doesn’t include the leaked title, The Short Message.

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Speaking on ResetEra recently, Dusk Golem stated:

“There’s at least three Silent Hill projects which haven’t been announced yet, not including the Short Message. Yes, really. But one of them is in very early development.”

Silent Hill: The Short Message was recently rated in Taiwan for PS5, with reports indicating that it’s going to be a free teaser for a larger unknown project. Apparently, this teaser isn’t part of the three unannounced Silent Hill games, according to the leaker. One of the unknown projects is also reportedly still early in development. As with all rumours and leaks, take this with a massive grain of salt.

Fans have plenty of new Silent Hill games to look forward to in the coming years. A remake of Silent Hill 2 is currently being developed by The Medium studio Bloober Team, which is already in the late stages of development. Silent Hill F is a new experience from Higurashi writer Ryukishi07 and NeoBards Entertainment. Annapurna Interactive and NoCode are developing Silent Hill: Townfall, which is believed to be episodic. Finally, Silent Hill: Ascension is a mysterious interactive project. That’s not even counting Return to Silent Hill, the next movie adaptation from the 2006 movie’s director Christophe Gans.

If this report is true, then there’s a lot more in store for fans than what we already know.

Source: ResetEra

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