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Silent Hill “Sakura” is a Mystery Horror and More Than a P.T Demo

Silent Hill has been in the headlines recently thanks to new leaked images which reportedly are linked to the Silent Hill 2 Remake game. However, the remake isn’t the only new Silent Hill game in development. In fact, another game codenamed “Sakura” also leaked a while back and now new details on the game have popped up online. According to sources, Silent Hill Sakura is a new mystery horror experience.

Most sources aware of the project have referred to the game as “more than just a P.T Demo” and features a strong story shrouded in mystery that players will have to piece together as they play through it.

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According to well-sourced ResetEra member Dusk Golem, Silent Hill Sakura does a lot of cool stuff that kind of feels like the P.T Demo but in a much broader landscape. They say:

I’ll say this, right now while the info out there ruins the surprise of it existing, there’s a lot of cool stuff Sakura does that is not spoiled right now. What I will say is it’s its own experience, and what it’s doing is pretty cool. I also happen to really like its story. My worry is if the whole original document this is from leaks, it does spoil some cool things about the game, the entire story, and other things I just think would be best left as surprises. If it sticks to what’s currently out, it won’t be a problem, my worry is if more gets leaked from it, since there is cool things in this beyond “P.T. Demo”, is what I’ll say.

As far as we know, this new Silent Hill Sakura game is actually a demo. However, we don’t know yet how it will tie into the other upcoming Silent Hill games. We know that Silent Hill 2 Remake is currently in development but this Sakura game seems to be tied to a whole different thing. Konami is reportedly expected to announce all these new games this month.

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