Silent Hill Transmission May 2024 When Where to Watch

Silent Hill Transmission May 2024 – When and Where to Watch

Konami is hosting the next Silent Hill Transmission event later tonight that will focus on all upcoming media related to the franchise, including the upcoming live-action movie Return to Silent Hill and the sleuth of new games in the pipeline. Here’s when and where to watch the event as well as what to expect.

As revealed by leaker Dusk Golem, tonight’s Silent Hill Transmission event will run for 42 minutes (likely 10 minutes given to a countdown) and at least feature the Silent Hill 2 remake from The Medium developer Bloober Team. Hopefully this means we’ll be getting an in-depth dive of the gameplay and story.

When and Where to Watch Silent Hill Transmission May 2024

When to Watch

Fans can tune into the Silent Hill Transmission at 4PM PDT / 1AM CAT (31 May) for South Africans. Again, it’s another very late show so staying up to watch it really depends on how much of a Silent Hill fan you are.

Where to Watch

You’ll be able to watch the upcoming Silent Hill Transmission event on Konami’s official YouTube channel. We’ve also embedded the stream below for your convenience.

The Silent Hill 2 remake isn’t the only new game in the franchise currently in the works. Developer NeoBards Entertainment and Higurashi writer Ryukishi07 are also hard at work on Silent Hill F, a new entry in the series that takes us back to 1960s Japan. There’s a good chance that we’ll hear and see more of the exciting new title at tonight’s show. Additionally, Annapurna Interactive and developer No Code are working on Silent Hill: Townfall, which will apparently kick off a new anthology series.

Finally, we’ll be getting a first look at Return to Silent Hill, the new movie adaptation from director Christophe Gans, who directed 2006’s fan-favourite Silent Hill movie. It will largely be based on the story of the Silent Hill 2 video game.

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