Riot Games was Consulted for the Upcoming The Simpsons eSports Episode
The Simpsons eSports
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The Simpsons is entering the eSports scene and its creators are taking it seriously. The upcoming The Simpsons eSports episode focuses on Bart Simpson entering the world of eSports and, to make the episode feel as “authentic” as possible, the creators of the popular show consulted with Riot Games, which operates major eSports leagues like the League of Legends series.

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In the upcoming The Simpsons eSports episode entitled E My Sports, Bart becomes addicted to an online (fictional) game called Conflict of Enemies. The made-up game parodies other major eSports games like Dota 2, and League of Legends. As you can see from the preview Tweeted by the writer for the show, Alfred Ernest Jean, the characters in The Simpsons eSports game look like the other yellow inhabitants of Springfield.

To make The Simpsons eSports episode as realistic as possible, the show’s creators consulted with Riot Games, according to Rob Breslau who is an eSports consultant for Riot Games.

He goes on to describe Bart as a gamer, praising him for his skills in the upcoming episode of The Simpsons.

bart grew up mastering bonestorm and fighting games, transitioned into fps for most of his years, and is now going pro in league of legends, all while staying the same age for 30 seasons. a true esports multi genre gamer

In the promotional material for the upcoming episode, Bart does look a hell of a lot better than Cartman did in South Park’s stereotypical interpretation of a gamer in the episode entitledMake Love, Not Warcraft. Although, his desk does look pretty messy and the rest of the family seem pretty concerned, looking on as Bart seems to be locked in a serious match.

The Simpson, which first aired in December 1989, is known for addressing pop culture and representing the current trends. So, it comes as no surprise that The Simpsons is touching on the theme of eSports seeing as gaming is becoming an increasingly popular and mainstream form of entertainment. Gaming has also become a serious sport/profession, with EA reportedly recently paying Ninja over R15 million ($1 million) to stream Apex Legends on launch day.

The Simpsons eSports episode will be airing in the US on FOX tonight (17 March 2019).






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