Six Years Ago, Dota 2 Finally Made its Way Out of Beta
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DotA and later, Dota 2, has been part of my gaming lifestyle for well over a decade and it is hard to believe just how long Dota 2 has been out in the wilds. Six years ago, on 9 July 2013 (early in the morning on the 10th for South Africans), Dota 2 finally made its way out of beta into a full release. If you are feeling old right now, then you are not alone.

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The game officially went into Open Beta in September 2011 after the first The International (making esports history with its prize pool each year since) and since then, millions of gamers have been playing it and the game isn’t dying any time soon. With The International 2019’s crowd-funded prize pool already at $26.4 million and counting, Dota 2 today is bigger than it has ever been and it has been a very long road.

It is times like this that you look back on all the happy (and rage) moments you’ve experienced in this awesome esports title. My first match of Dota 2 was on 1 October 2011 and this week, I’ve played over 10 matches so far. It is just one of the most competitive and arguably addictive games ever, which is probably why many gamers out there will still be playing it today and throwing money at Valve for Battle Pass levels.

The talented Wykrhm Reddy made an image to commemorate Dota 2 officially turning six years old, which you can view below:

Dota 2

Unfortunately, Valve hasn’t said anything about this birthday, as I would have hoped they would release a cool item for all players, maybe like a retro skin. Maybe, just maybe, Valve will still do something for this occasion, but the developer hasn’t said anything official about it just yet.

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Can you remember the first time you played the game? Let us know in the comment section below.






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