Join Siya Kolisi On His Endless Runner Mobile Game “Siya’s Squad”and Win
"Spend a day with Siya"
Siya's Squad Red Bull Siya Kolisi
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One of South Africa’s most popular rugby players, Siya Kolisi now has his own mobile game in partnership with Red Bull. Rugby fans, or just fans of Siya can now see if that have what it takes to join his squad in the web-based mobile game Siya’s Squad.

The game has been developed in partnership with Red Bull and follows your traditional endless runner gameplay loop. Players need to move left and right while jumping over obstacles and sliding under rugby poles. Along the way users will collect Siya’s very own flavoured Red Bull cans which count towards points in the game.


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The game also sees other rugby players join the lineup as Siya runs and masters the obstacle course. The more players Siya has behind him the bigger advantage he has to rack up points. The total score which appears on the online leaderboard is determined by the distance the player travels, the objects they avoid and the number or Red Bull cans they collect along the way.

Fans who can collect the most points in Siya’s Squad by the end of April 2021 will stand a chance of winning a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Siya Kolisi himself on the training field. The prize includes an all-expenses paid trip to attend a full day rugby workshop where Siya will entertain the winner across a range of rugby-related activities. This includes training sessions, coaching guidelines, an appointment with a physiotherapist, nutritionist and signed exclusive merchandise. In a statement, Siya says:

Being mentally focused is just as important as being physically fit. So, as a leader who has a team of players looking to me for motivation, I have to win the game in my mind before I even get on the field so I’m ready to tackle the pressure. My partnership with Red Bull brings great opportunities for me to interact with my fans and the Siya’s Squad mobile game gives them that chance to enjoy a day in my life on the field and insights into the training we go through on a daily basis. I’m hoping this inspires and motivates future superstars on the field which is one of the goals of this great partnership.”

Fans who are interested in racking up points in Siya’s Squad can head over to the official game page on a mobile or desktop device to play the game.

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