SK Hynix Reveals The World’s First DDR5 Memory Modules

SK Hynix DDR5 Memory Modules
SK Hynix Reveals The World’s First DDR5 Memory Modules

SK Hynix has announced the world’s first DDR5 memory modules or RAM if you prefer to call it that. The announcement is a breakthrough for PC technology and allows for 1.8 times the speed than a standard DDR4 memory modules.


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According to SK Hynix, the DDR5 RAM offers up to 5,600Mpbs of raw bandwidth and is also the world’s first 64GB module. In addition, the RAM is not only faster but comes in much larger sizes offering a 256GB version in size. The modules have 32-bit channels instead of 64-bit channels making it easier to increase the peak bandwidth. They are also a lot more energy-efficient and able to regulate voltage instead of relying on the motherboard to do so. This allows the manufacturer control over the clock speeds and benefits the user.

SK Hynix says they have already tested modules at 6,4000Mbps and even have 8,400Mbps chips on the way. However, it is going to be a long time before we get our hands on this DDR5 RAM. The company claims they are targeting data centre applications first before making the hardware available through mainstream distributors. They predict DDR5 RAM will account for 10% of RAM sales by the end of 2022 and only 30% in 2024. Regardless, it is nice to know where we are going with RAM modules in the distant future.

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