Skull and Bones Gameplay Deep Dive Leaks and it Looks Awesome

"The reboot paid off"

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Skull and Bones Gameplay Deep Dive Leaks and it Looks Awesome

Skull and Bones, the pirate ship action game which was originally announced back in 2018 has been missing in action for a number of years now. We have heard reports that Ubisoft rebooted the game in 2019 and then in 2020, changed developers too. If anything, one would think that Skull and Bones is never going to see the light of day. However, it seems that a full gameplay deep dive trailer for the game has leaked online.

The Skull and Bones trailer acts as a deep dive into the game’s mechanics and showcases contracts, ships, crew, gameplay mechanics and more. In Skull and Bones, players will take on the role of infamous pirates who sail the seas, kill other pirates and of course, plunder treasure.

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Players will venture to the pirate island of Sainte-Anne located on the Red Isle. Here, players will prep themselves for the next adventure by picking up contracts that unlocked rewards, and purchase provisions needed for the journey ahead. Sainte-Anne acts as a social hub too where players can walk around, meet other online players and show off their banners and reputation.

Skull and Bones seems to revolve around an infamy system where players can rank up and the higher the rank, the more they have available to them in the game. For example, skills and ship features are locked until you rank up your infamy. You can increase your storage capacity and unlock new items to purchase the better these ranks stand.

Infamy is ranked up by everything you do in Skull and Bones. You can take on contracts to destroy ships, loot treasure and much more. Everything in Skull and Bones is also fully playable in co-op and all players earn ranks and items for taking on these contracts.

Players will also have to micromanage their ship and crew before heading off on an adventure. Your ship needs to be stocked with food, repair kits and ammo. Food keeps your crew morale high and if that drops, they will rebel and perform mutiny. Ammo is well, ammo and repair kits will keep your ship in shape when you enter combat on the seas.

Skull and Bones features a robust customization system where players can kit out their character with cool-looking outfits and their ship can also be fully customized to represent their pirate guard. As you progress in the game, more ships will also unlock and you can craft these to take on the bigger areas in the game.

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If you happen to lose in combat, players will lose some infamy and their cargo at the same time. However, they will respawn at the closest safe house on the map. They can then sail towards the last place they were destroyed and collect the remaining cargo. However, other players in the game can also steal this cargo if you don’t get to it fast enough.

Skull and Bones is a fully open-world game with lots to see and do. Players can hunt wildlife across the game and harvest materials like ore, wood and more from trees and rocks. These resources can then be used to upgrade your ship’s weapons and arsenal. The better your ship, the stronger it is when you go into combat.

Speaking of combat, the naval system looks great too. You can wage war on other ships sailing across the ocean to steal their loot and plunder their treasure. This goes for other players and NPCs too. If you destroy a ship from afar, you’ll earn only a portion of their loot. However, get close enough to board the ship and you can benefit from more loot and resources.

So far it seems that the Skull and Bones reboot paid off. The game is looking pretty awesome and also quite refreshing. It is nice that Ubisoft has turned it into a single-player or co-0p game too with the studio’s typical open-world flair. You can watch the full gameplay video here before it is taken down.

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