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Skull and Bones – How to Change Your Appearance and Unlock Cosmetics

Skull and Bones is finally out today for the public following a few days early access for those who bought into the game’s pricier editions. The first thing many players will want to do (apart from getting a ship and making it look cool) is change their appearance. You start the game off with nothing but rags, though there are ways to customise your character with new outfits and looks. Here’s a guide on how to change your appearance and unlock the cosmetics acquired from the pre-order bonuses and Premium edition.

Skull and Bones starts you off as a survivor of a shipwreck. The first thing you’ll notice is that you look in pretty rough shape, wearing nothing but rags. Obviously that’s not the right attire for an aspiring pirate so your first course of action is to make sure you actually look the part.

How to Unlock Cosmetics and Rewards

If you’ve purchased the Premium edition of Skull and Bones which comes with a few starter cosmetics, you won’t be able to unlock it immediately. You’ll need to progress the story by completing the first couple of quests around the starting area of the shipwreck. You’ll eventually head off to your next destination of Saint Anne, a lively port a bit further out from your location.

When you land in Saint Anne, head straight to your mailbox. It should be next to your primary quest objective marker, outside the main building. This will reward you with some cool cosmetics and a pirate-themed outfit, but you can’t equip it just yet. If you go to the shop (marked with the mirror icon) at this point, the game will say that the vendor is unavailable. Once again, you’ll need to progress the narrative a bit more by speaking to NPCs around Saint Anne until you’re tasked with collecting Acacia to construct your first ship.

How to Change Your Appearance

With the Acacia-gathering quest unlocked, you can head back to the mirror icon shop and speak to the vendor. This will allow you to either change your appearance if you’re unhappy with the way your character looks or outfit yourself with the cosmetics you just unlocked. If you’re playing the standard edition, you’ll notice that all of the cosmetics are locked behind in-game currency like silver and gold. Silver can be earned in-game by completing quests but gold won’t be available to you right away unless you spend real-world money on it (which we don’t advise).

Skull and Bones is now available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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