Skyrim Grandma, also known to many as Shirley Curry is one of the nicest elderly gamers around. She loves Skyrim and plays it for fun on her YouTube channel. However, being on the internet comes with its challenges and asshole gamers are one of them. Skyrim Grandma announced that due to health reasons brought on by negative gamers and comments, she is taking a break from the hobby she has loved for years. In addition, Shirly Curry made a specific video explaining the reasons behind her break (it is heartbreaking).

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Shirley explains that “some of the comments are stressing me out.” She continues to explain she’s tired of receiving comments that range from irritating to hurtful.

“I know I shouldn’t let these things stress me out, but they do. From now on I will respond to very, very few comments. I will be deleting a lot of comments.”

Gamers have taken to questioning Skyrim Grandma and her playstyle pushing her to feel pressured into changing what she plays and how she plays it.

“I don’t have to be reminded and told all the time which games to play. I look at all the games, I’m a gamer, if I wanted to play them I would be playing them”.

Shirley says that she plays Skyrim to roleplay, not to speedrun or max-out her levels. Of which gamers are pressuring her into doing. In addition, she claims she just has more fun when playing alone off stream. Aside from the reason behind her streams, she also thinks she’s wasting her time. While Shirley has almost 830k YouTube subscribers, her videos are not getting the views they should be. Some of them sit between 5-8k views with an average of five minutes of watch time.

Shirley claims she is telling stories through Skyrim roleplaying and she feels nobody is watching or appreciating the content. In conclusion, Skyrim Grandma has announced that she will take a two-week break. Upon returning, she will post one video a day going forward and take a stricter approach to her comments.

It sucks. Shirley Curry is a beautiful soul and we wish her the best of success going forward. The internet sucks and gamers are even worse. We have hit an all-time low when an innocent old lady gets abused for doing what we all love to do.

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