Smartcall Invests R10 Million Into South African Gaming and Esports Industry
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Smartcall announced today that the company would be investing R10 million into gaming and esports in SA. Smartcall is a leading prepaid cellular company that offers various services and products across South Africa. The investment into Mettlestate will drive growth within South African gaming and esports.

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According to a press release, this investment is one of the biggest to ever take place in SA and will help create and host gaming leagues in the country in the next few years. Barry Louzada, co-founder of Mettlestate says that hosting more leagues is essential to driving sustainable and long-term growth in SA gaming and esports. The investment from Smartcall will allow for more opportunities for players at all skill levels an across various gaming titles to compete with more rewards.

Jan Cronje, Marketing Manager at Smartcall, notes that the company is always looking to adapt and expand its user base to new and exciting areas and esports is currently doing just that on a global level.

“With gaming having mobile ties in both the casual and esports space, it would be a wasted opportunity to not get involved in this industry and introduce it to a whole new group of people across South Africa. We’ve been watching and talking to Mettlestate for quite some time now, and their passion, drive and flawless execution of events and leagues that they host makes us feel comfortable that we’ve put our investment in the right place. Together, we can forge the future of South African esports,”

Cronje says that the R10 million investment is not so much an “investment” rather a long-term promise to gamers across South Africa that Smartcall is here to stay and is prepared to help forge South African esports together with Mettlestate.






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