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Smash Bros. Director is Uncertain If He’ll Make Another Game

Nintendo may still be riding high on the massive success of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which announced its final DLC character Sora from Kingdom Hearts last month. However, the series director Masahiro Sakurai states that he’s uncertain if he’ll make another game in the series, citing Ultimate‘s lengthy development process and it being the pinnacle of what Smash Bros. could be.

In a special interview with the Japanese magazine Famitsu (via Video Games Chronicle), Sakurai spoke in some detail about his plans (or lack thereof) for the continuation of the Super Smash Bros. fighting game series. Sakurai stated that he’s unsure if he’ll continue with the series since Ultimate became a massive undertaking, saying there was no way the series could be as big ever again.

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Sakurai told Famitsu:

“I’m not thinking about a sequel. But I can’t say that this is definitely the last Smash Bros. I need to think about whether we should release another Smash Bros. game at the risk of disappointing the users.”

Sakurai would later add in the interview that he’s not sure how the series could continue without his involvement. He attempted to pass the mantle down to someone else, but it wasn’t a success:

“I can’t see any way to produce Smash Bros. without me. To be honest, I’d like to leave it to someone else, and I’ve actually tried that, but it hasn’t worked out. If we’re going to continue with the series,  and I need to discuss and seriously consider how to make it a success.”

Sakurai later clarified that it doesn’t mean that he would stop developing games altogether, but mentioned how the demanding development and upkeep of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate took a toll on his health. According to the series lead, he maintained a punishing work-life balance, apparently resorting to using an IV drip to “go to work like normal” during the development of Ultimate. On one occasion, Sakurai passed out at the gym from simply being too dehydrated and tired.

Whatever the creator plans on doing next, it seems like Nintendo will really have to evaluate how to continue the Smash Bros. series without his input.

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Source: Video Games Chronicle

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