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Smite 2 Devs Explain Why Original Skins Won’t Carry Over to New Game

If you missed it, Smite 2 has officially been announced. Headed to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC sometime in the future, the game is the direct sequel to the original 2014 MOBA. Smite is widely popular with gamers and given it is ten years old now, fans have racked up ten years’ worth of skins for their heroes. Sadly, these skins are not carrying over to Smite 2 so you’ll have to earn everything again.

Developer TItan Forge shared details on the upcoming Smite 2 and explained why skins earned in the original game won’t carry over, despite the heroes moving forward into the sequel. Titan Forge says that because Smite 2 is developed in Unreal Engine 5 and the original game was developed in Unreal Engine 3, the engine mismatch prevents the studio from porting over content from the first game.

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Executive producer Travis Brown says it will take the team at Titan Forge “two months” to transfer a single skin from Smite in Unreal Engine 3 to Smite 2 in Unreal Engine 5. With that in mind, the studio says it would take them 246 years to port over all 1600 skins from the original game.

Brown says that given the unfortunate news, the studio will reward loyal players in Smite 2 for their time, money and accomplishments earned so far. Players will be given Legacy Gems equivalent to the number of Gems they spent in the first game. Legacy Gems can supposedly be used to pay for “50% of most” in-game purchases in Smite 2. Players who purchase the Smite 2 Founders Pack are then given double the amount of Legacy Gems they are eligible for.

Titan Forge confirmed that Smite 2 skins will feature new looks as well as some ported versions from the first game. These Legacy Gems can be used to purchase the ported skins but not all of them. So keep that in mind. Essentially, don’t expect to play Smite 2 and have the same value worth of content you spent in the original game.

Smite 2 is expected to enter Alpha testing in the next few months.

Source: Reddit

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