Google Unleashes Snake on Google Maps for April Fools’
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Snake, the iconic and addictive mobile game that was first released all the way back in 1997 on the Nokia 6110, has returned. This time you can play Snake on iOS or Android devices through the Google Maps app or you can play it online. Google released the new version of the game for a limited time as part of April Fools’.

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You can play Snake right now by tapping the sidebar option, next to the search option in the Google Maps app for iOS and Android devices, or you can play it here.

In this modernised version of the iconic Snake game, you can choose between these different destinations:

  • Cairo;
  • São Paulo;
  • London;
  • Sydney;
  • San Francisco;
  • Tokoyo; or
  • The World.

Also, instead of a snake, the new game features different forms of public transportation. These include various trains, bullet trains, London’s iconic double-decker buses, and those recognisable cable buses from San Francisco.

Although the look of the mobile game has been updated, it still has some of the features that made Snake one of the most loved mobile games ever. Firstly, it was made in 8-bit to make it feel more retro like the original. And it has a simple goal, just like the original game – catch targets and avoid the walls and crashing into yourself. In keeping with the Google Maps theme, instead of mice and other treats snakes love to eat, in the new game you’re required to pick up passengers. With each new passenger you pick up, your bus or train gets longer, making it harder to avoid the walls, as well as yourself.

It’s a delightfully fun (and still addictive) way to remember a classic mobile game and you can enjoy it for about a week, according to Google.

Previously Google has made Google Maps 8-bit (2012), added a Pac-Man game (2015), and added a Where’s Waldo game (2017) to the app as part of its April Fools’ fun.

Are you going to be playing Snake while it’s available in Google Maps?






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