The Snoop Dogg eSports League is Everything You Would Expect and More
Snoop Dogg eSports
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Snoop Dogg is a person with many different interests, ranging from being a plant connoisseur to being a world-famous rapper, to having a cooking show with Martha Stewart. It seems he loves it all, including gaming. He has been an avid gamer many for years and has now launched his very own Snoop Dogg eSports league, called the Gaming Gangsta League, in collaboration with Merry Jane, which is the rapper’s cannabis pop culture brand.

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The new Snoop Dogg eSports league premiered with a Madden NFL 19 tournament featuring some of the rapper’s “closest gaming friends“, which included Young Sagg, Shelton, Tripo Loc, Lala, Red Grant, Red Woods, JC, and Waniac. In the Gangsta Gaming League, players battle it out to be crowned the Top Dogg and win their share of $11 000 of prize money. There is also a bonus round, where the Top Dogg gets a chance to battle against the Boss Dogg, and increase the winnings. There’s a $25 000 grand prize.

The first tournament was live-streamed on 14 March, and comedian Dan Rue co-hosted it with Snoop Dogg himself, from his compound in Los Angeles. The tournament was live-streamed on four different channels, which included

  • Snoop’s Twitch channel;
  • Snoop’s Mixer channel;
  • MERRY JANE’s Facebook Page; and
  • Snoop’s WestfestTV YouTube channel.

And it, of course, wouldn’t be a Snoop Dogg eSports league without the consumption of cannabis. Players were allowed to consume as much cannabis as they wanted to.

This is one professional sports league that will most definitely allow the use of cannabis, as players compete to get the high score. As Snoop says, “The gaming world is about to be turned upside down.”

This isn’t the first time that Snoop Dogg is hosting his own eSports event, with him hosting Hip Hop Gaming League all the way back in 2007, making him an OG in basically everything.

You can check out the full event below.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”600″]






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