Someone Capped The Elden Ring Game Time at 999:59:59

"41 days of non-stop gaming"

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Someone Capped The Elden Ring Game Time at 999:59:59

If you have spent the last few months exploring The Lands Between, collecting every flower and slaying every boss then your Elden Ring game time is most likely sitting in the high hundreds. You are probably quite proud of yourself too. Well, here’s a reality check. Someone has now capped the game time which means the time counter which tracks how long you have played the game can no longer tick up when you’re playing the game.

One fan managed to reach the 999-hour time limited programmed into Elden Ring. The game’s internal clock refuses to tick past 999:59:59. This is most likely due to the fact that there isn’t an additional digit to fill the clock with in order to tick it up to 1000:00:00.

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The achievement comes from Reddit user JayzRebellion15 who posted their game time on the Elden Ring community. JayzRebellion15 managed to hit level 648 in Elden Ring within 999:59:59 hours. That is 999 hours. That is 42 days of playing Elden Ring if you had to sit and play it non-stop. It makes my 180 hours look like child’s play.

JayzRebellion15 says he played the game on Xbox One and is currently on New Game Plus 3 (NG+3). His has maxed out all stats to 99 except for Intelligence which is currently at 45. He also says that he gets a lot of his XP from playing PvP as the game pays out a lot more Runes (XP) when you’re in the higher levels. However, JayzRebellion15 also claims that a lot of his game time was achieved by doing Castlevania Elden Ring videos. In these videos, he would cosplay as a Castlevania character in Elden Ring and fight other Castlevania-inspired characters in PvP.

They videos are pretty awesome to watch if I am completely honest. Give him some support by visiting his channel here.

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