The NVIDIA RTX 3090 comes with a crazy 24GB of VRAM. Anyone who knows anything about gaming would know that 24GB of VRAM is a lot. So much so that someone managed to install a full game on the RAM and run it. Software Engineer “Strife, la fillette révolutionnaire” installed and played Crysis 3 on the VRAM of the NVIDIA RTX 3090 because it is lockdown and we don’t have anything better to do.

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The process was not simple it seems. According to Strife212, she used GPU Ram Drive, and VRAMdrive Software to make a 15GB NTFS partition on the GPU. Crysis 3 was then installed on the RTX 3090 and it worked fine.

According to Strife212, Crysis 3 ran at 75FPS on the NVIDIA RTX 3090 (literally on it) in 4K ‘Very High” settings. Once the game was installed it took up 20GB of space. However, the overall loading time for the game did not improve at all. Strife212 claims the game loaded just as fast as it does on an NVMe drive.  This is most likely due to the processes of loading.

Regardless of the game being installed on the GPU itself, it still had to be sent to the CPU. However, perhaps a more recent game which has been developed to take advantage of the high-speed transfers may see an improvement? The challenge could be the 24GB of VRAM which may be too small.

Regardless, this is a pretty cool way to run a game even if there’s no visible advantage to it yet. Perhaps when DirectStorage comes around this sort of thing will be better suited for the software.

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