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Sonic Frontiers Greatly Exceeded Sega’s Sales Expectations

Sega says last year’s Sonic Frontiers greatly exceeded its sales expectations, though didn’t mention exact figures. Sonic Frontiers launched last November to mostly positive reviews, though some criticism was aimed at its open-world design and writing. That said, Frontiers was the first game in the series to experiment with an open-world which seems to have paid off for most fans, but more refining could be done if a follow-up should happen.

Speaking during a Q&A at its investors call, Sega was questioned about Sonic Frontier‘s price not being lowered since release. The company replied by stating that it discounted the title during Black Friday but has since returned to its previous premium price tag, which it was “able to achieve results so far while maintaining the price level to a certain extent.”

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Sega continued by stating that Sonic Frontiers managed to exceed the company’s sales expectations:

“The number of units sold greatly exceeded the full-year plan at the beginning of the fiscal year, and we recognise that this is a title that we will continue to sell over the long term based on our sales strategies, such as pricing, promotions and the development of free DLC.”

Despite critic scores ranging between 69-75 on Open Critic and Metacritic depending on the platform, Sega noted that fan reception was much more positive:

“Although it is true that the Metascore was slightly lower than expected, we believe that we were able to release a title that has been well received by many people around the world, thanks to the extremely high ratings from users.”

Sega reiterated its plans to release more DLC for Sonic Frontiers down the line, hoping that it will result in repeated sales. The Sonic franchise will continue expanding in other mediums too, including the recently released Netflix show Sonic Prime as well as a third Sonic the Hedgehog movie on the horizon.

Sonic Frontiers is currently available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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