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Sonic Prime Concept Art Leaks Revealing Dimension-Related Story and Characters

SEGA teased Sonic fans during the series showcase earlier this month. One of the new announcements comes in the form of the new Sonic Prime Netflix series. While little is known about the series at this point, new concept art might tease us into what the show might focus on.

The leaked concept art comes from a SEGA artist’s portfolio that appeared on Twitter. It is the first batch of art we have seen from the series and seems to give us a better understanding of what Sonic is up to his new adventure.


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The first piece of Sonic Prime art shows Sonic in a city seemingly run by Dr Eggman. Everything about the city is branded with his face and iconic moustache and silhouette.

The next artwork shows Sonic looking rather confused at Tail’s appearance. Tails, on the other hand, packs a new design with fluffier tails and what seems to be jetpack booster shoes. Perhaps this is a different dimension Tails?

We then have Sonic performing a cringe Fortnite dance after seemingly beating a handful of robots. He is seen with the “L” sign made from his hand while lifting his right leg. He is dancing in front of a bunch of broken robots that are fizzling out. Seems like the battle just ended.

Then there’s this Sonic Prime artwork below that shows off five versions of Dr Eggman. There is a child-like version, an older man that also looks like Dr Eggman. The original version is also in the image as he looks all beaten out and defeated. Then there’s one face down and another teenage-looking Dr Eggman begging for his life.

The whole Sonic Prime multiple dimension theory gets deeper in the next artwork. Sonic is seen running towards what looks like three portals. The one leads to a jungle where the last artwork is based. We will get to that. However, the other two are the interesting ones. The top right-hand blue portal boasts a flag of Knuckles but the flag features what seems to be a pirate-like design. Perhaps this version of knuckles is a pirate? Then we have the multiple Dr Eggman appearances too. There are four in this artwork. A child one riding a duck, the older one, the teenage version and the top-right version.

Lastly, the final leaked Sonic Prime concept art shows off an Amazonian hunter Amy. Sonic is hiding away from her, as he would naturally do. She seems to be hunting him down. He is also wearing a different pair of gloves and shoes.

So right now we know that Sonic Prime is based on some sort of new dimension story plot. The Sonic characters like Tails, Amy and Knuckles all have new roles completely outside their usual elements in the series. We also know that multiple versions of Dr Eggman will hunt Sonic down. How this all happened is still unclear.

Sonic Prime is set to launch sometime in 2022.

Source: Twitter

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